Technology is an excellent tool to help support the development of 6 important skills (6Cs): Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Citizenship, and Character. Skills that have been defined by Michael Fullan are being essential for whole child development and successful 21st century citizenship.

Planning for technology integration should begin with rich purposeful tasks, and successful pedagogical practices as the foundation of teaching and learning.

The increasing use of Information Technology (IT) in the world today means that competent and confident use of IT is essential for all. This is recognized and supported at SIS where there is a strong commitment to make the very best use of IT to support learning and manage information. Pupils at SIS learn not only essential practical skills, but also how to use IT safely and responsibly. IT is used as a tool to promote and encourage learning across the whole curriculum.

All classrooms at SIS have Internet access and available portable projectors. The school has a professional business standard network system that enables staff and pupils to work online anywhere within school. Also, it has a multimedia room and an IT Lab with appropriate software to support learning in a variety of subjects.

The school runs a number of systems on the network including a comprehensive management information system (SIS SMS) for student details, curriculum and timetabling, reporting and assessment, pastoral information and medical information. Staff can access this system via the network or the staff portal on the web.

All students have access to our web application which allow them to see what they have been learning at school and to post homework and activities for completion at home. Parents can access this and leave comments about their child’s work.

The school is increasingly committed to providing professional development opportunities in IT for academic staff to ensure they are kept up to date with developments and opportunities. This includes attending various technology conferences, Webinars and sharing of best technology practice amongst staff via our web application.