Major General Shahedul Haque Advisor

In today’s world we are all presented with opportunities that were once hard to imagine. These opportunities, in the business and social domains of our society, are now associated with an unprecedented increase in the global flows of ideas, people, and information, serviced, finance, communicating and trade. The acceleration of social, intellectual and economic global activity has opened up a world of exciting prospects for our young people.

The extent of social and economic prosperity in today’s world is shaped by the capacity and capabilities of the nation’s people. What comes with this changing social, economic and cultural landscape is a significant obligation on us, as teachers and parents, to ensure today’s generation has acquired the attributes, skills and knowledge to prosper and succeed in such a world.

At Sydney International School, we believe entrepreneurship embodies a social responsibility that supports the building of a prosperous and socially just society. In our way of thinking, social entrepreneurship involves learning from others; innovating through the generation and application of new ideas; self motivation and determination; showing initiative in thinking and doing; developing detailed plans to achieve objectives; and using analytical abilities to make wise decisions.

Every decision we make is designed to achieve our aim of improving our children’s capacities and capabilities to make positive change in the world. We asked ourselves; what values would guide us to achieve our aim? Does our curriculum support our learners to develop 21st century capacities and capabilities? Is our teaching approach enabling our learners to prosper and succeed? Does our school community collaborate effectively to provide a safe and thoughtful learning environment?

With these questions in mind, we have adopted core values of Global Leadership; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Effective Communication; Wise Risk Taking and Effective Problem Solving. Our internationally recognize curriculum uses an inquairy approach to learning that enables our children to gain deep conceptual understanding. This learning is supported by systematic teaching to develop literacy and numeracy skills that focus on building critical and creative thinking capacities. We provide coherent learning experiences from kindergarten to year 8 including O and A (Cambridge curriculum) level exam with learners connecting and applying knowledge.

The basis of our success is born from our passion and consideration for all our learners. We are determined and dedicated to the task of preparing them in readiness for our ever changing world. Our philosophy is educating the whole person.

A visit to our school campus will provide testimony to our professional commitment as educators. You are welcome to discover our passion and care for developing our children into global leaders who make a positive change in the world.