Parents may come to the SIS Reception area to begin the enrolment application.

Original documents of the Birth Certificate, Immunisation Records and any Court Custody papers will also need to be produced so copies can be made for school records.

An appointment will be made with the Principal and a short assessment of your child will follow the submission of the enrolment application. Students will be assessed by the professional staff and invited to join following a successful interview/entrance test. Parents will appreciate our attention to detail and the level of communication and feedback regarding their child's progress.

Application forms together with the above documents can be collected from the admission office on all working days between 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Parents/Guardians are requested not to enter into any arrangements with individuals who claim to be able to influence the admission process. Please note that the school does not accept donations or any other payment except SCHOOL FEES and OTHER CHARGES + VAT (IF APPLICABLE). We have a rolling admission system which means, although most of our new students are enrolled beginning of the year in July, we also admit students throughout the year, if a vacant seat is available. Detailed information regarding the admissions process and the list of documents required for application are available on our website. However, the Admission office is available to help guide you through the application process and answer any questions that you may have.

Uniform is compulsory for all students from Pre-Kindergarten upwards. Children are required to wear school shoes. Please ensure your child is capable to put shoes on/off without assistance. Shoes with Velcro-style closing are most suitable for young students. One school uniform set is complimentary upon payment of the annual fee. Other sets may be purchased from the front office.

Classroom assessments and running records are part of the teaching cycle to assess if there are any areas in which your child experiences problems so that remedial teaching action can follow.
While you may receive results of minor tests during the term, Progress Report will be given after every Term End Examination.

It is important for all students to maintain punctuality and arrive before class begins. Late students miss the opening session of the lesson and this disrupts the learning flow of children who are already in class. If your child sees you place a low emphasis on punctuality, they too develop a loose attitude towards the importance of school and learning. Please be prompt in the collection of children after class as they quickly become distressed if the person who collects them is late.

Please register your details at the front desk and receive a visitors' pass. The receptionist will then arrange your meeting with our staff member

The ground floor area is the drop-pickup place. The class teacher will collect children from that area for the start of the program, and escort children back to that area at the end of the day.

We acknowledge that some families may request that their Junior School children carry a mobile telephone for security or family reasons, especially when moving between home and school. Please note, however, that this telephone must be either handed into the office before school and collected after school, or stored by the class teacher, and not accessed during the day for any reason. This ensures security for staff and students and enables the school to be accountable for the whereabouts of each student. Mobile telephones used during the school day will be retained/confiscated by the school administrative authority, and parents will be informed about their child’s delinquency. No responsibility will be taken for the loss of mobile phones which are
brought to school. Mobile telephones must not be used for photographic purposes at school, for any reason, nor may other cameras be used to take photographs at School without specific permission from Senior Staff. Telephone calls must be made via the School Administrative Office. Students are not permitted to use a mobile telephone at all during school hours under any circumstances, and all communication between students and parents or any other person must be via the School Administrative
Office. Mobile telephones are not to be taken on camps and excursions. Appropriate points of contact are available through the School Staff.

Please notify the school immediately if any legal or custody issues arise regarding the care of your child, so we may comply with the Court Orders. We will need to see the original documents from which we will make copies for our records.